Probably going to buy the F Pace when it becomes available because the Q5 just isn’t doing it for us anymore. All signs are pointing to leasing being the better option than buy.

Reasons why leasing seems better to me:

  • I put less than 10k miles a year on the car
  • It is a new car and could have reliability issues (as you do with Jaguar)
  • Would normally keep the car 4-5 years but from the above, 3 year lease seems more worth while?
  • Depreciation on luxury is insane (I know it get’s captured in your lease payment), but any extensive reliability issues will further exacerbate the issue.

Reasons why I don’t like leasing:

  • Higher insurance?
  • Maybe it is a car I’d like to own longer?

This is all dependent on their leasing/depreciation valuation. Would you lease or buy? Can anyone recommend a Jaguar dealer in the tri-state area? The last Jaguar was purchased in Florida. Ray Catena is where I’ve gotten other cars, but their Jaguar dealer is in thanks.