I have recently become obsessed with finding a car that I can buy when I move out of my parents' house and go to college. I have the candidates narrowed down to Fox Body Mustang (87-93), Miata (NA/B), MR2 turbo (90+), and the best candidate, the Mitsu Starion/Chrysler Conquest! Now the question is:

How old do I need to be to register said car


Can I insure it myself?

(both without parents knowing)

EDIT: Just talked with mom... I asked if I had good enough grades over both semesters of school if I could get another car. Her response? "A 3.7GPA and I will consider it. I'm not discussing this again."

Let me remind you that this would be my money I would be spending...

Can Oppo help?

PS the reason without parents knowing is included is because they don't want me to have a "fast" car (LOL mom you had a Mustang GT as your first car, you have no room to talk!) because they think that I won't be able to afford college (LOL, I think that I would be able to spend $2.5K)


I want this!