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Quick question to keep me distracted from other things (Programming/computer stuff, since we can't see the first paragraph anymore)

Posted here instead of StackOverflow because they’ll bully me :’(

About the app I said I was gonna write earlier. Looking more into it, I think I’m gonna give up on a literal phone app. I’m thinking instead, I’d write it in Java Script, throw it up on google drive, and then people could easily run it through their browser, and download it for future use. Would this pretty much work as I think it will?

Bonus round

Also as someone who doesn’t really know Java Script (rather Java), what’s the deal with all the different “frameworks” or whatever. I installed node, and can run JS in terminal, but don’t know if any of that stuff matters for what I’m doing. One idea will only take user input, and do some math. The other idea has to be able to pull information from CL/Kijij.


My last final is Monday, so I’ll probably start working on it a week or two after that. (Although probably start learning JS before then).

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