So I drive 60 miles one way to work now, and i see some things, let me tell you what I experienced today in my 120mile journey...

Driving down a state route, doing 55mph the speed limit, a little ranger on a side road decides there is enough room for him to lazily pull out in front of me, boy was he wrong, I had to brake shoot into oncoming traffic and go back in front of him to avoid an accident...

Then getting onto the highway i'm doing 65 in the right lane and EVERYBODY is riding my ass....

Coming up to a two lane light I move to the right and at the last possible second someone decides to cut me off causing me to slam my brakes next to a cop(who did nothing about anything) and go into the break down lane.

Then coming home again more people up my ass as I'm doing the speed limit in the slow lane.

People stopping at a GREEN FUCKING LIGHT!

Someone stopping in the middle of a 55mph road to turn right, there is a break down lane for a reason, fucking move there to slow down for a turn.


More assholes riding my ass as I do the speed limit.

Random honda's revving at my near stop lights

What do you guys deal with on your drives to I the only one who deals with all this?


Have a car I saw that one time.