“How did your family take it when they found out that you’re dating a black girl?”

First of all, fuck you. Secondly, it’s none of your business who I choose to be with and also, my family doesn’t give a shit. You weren’t asking because you’re curious, you’re not being genuine, you don’t give a fuck about me and you just want me to validate your racist views that the races shouldn’t mix. It’s not the first time he’s said shit, I always call it on him too. It’s not just black people he doesn’t like, the gays are an abomination, he talks about building that wall, the terrorist Arabs, and some colorful terms about the Chinese too. Best part is he is a young dude trying to get into local politics. If he ever runs I’ll certainly be bringing some of this shit to the attention of everyone I can. You can have your political views but you can’t be a racist, a bigot, or an asshole. And I sure as hell don’t want someone like him making decisions no matter how small.

Maybe I’m just a precious snowflake but, I think we should all just be a little more open and just generally fucking kind to one another.