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So my company has decided to get uniforms. This isn’t their first stab at it, though the last one was pretty half-assed and not maintained.


I have no problem with this. I’ve been in uniforms of one form or another a good chunk of my life. It makes the company look more unified and organized. Stops people from looking too shitty. And eliminates wardrobe choices, which is nice... makes the morning routine totally brainless.

Now I find out they’re going to get 360 degrees of logos and slogans etc. Logos, fine. Names, good. Don’t fucking plaster the back of my shirt with marketing wank. I’m not a billboard. It’s not a billboard. It’s a uniform. Strangest thing is, the whole idea was to make us look a bit more classy. #1, marketing wank is not classy. The drivers above only have that shit because they need sponsors to operate. We are not sponsoring ourselves. #2, it’s not like we had any major issue before, even with the guys out the back. #3, It’s a small company. If you have issues, doesn’t a dress code make more sense? The guys out back will wear their uniforms out in record time. Like hell my boss will wear them—and why should he? Sooo... we’re going to be a neat, orderly uniformed PAIR of people... There won’t be replacements. Never are. Only one person here really gives a damn about the uniforms... and as soon as he gets them he’ll lose interest. A couple years down the road long after everyone wears them out he’ll have a sudden urge to get new ones. Seriously dude... dress code.

Meh, free clothes. Nice ones, too, apart from the billboardism. I’mma do what I did the last time, wear them out fast and buy identical ones w/o wank.

Rant out.

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