1) Don’t be this guy

2) Brake early. People that don’t are why I have a trailer hitch on the back of my truck at all times. I might end up with a dented bumper but the 2" ball is going through your fascia. Also four wheel drive does NOT help you stop any faster.

3) Don’t brake hard in the curves. That understeer will bite you, hard. And I always fear sitting at the light in the left turn lane and a person coming from my left making a right turn, but just sliding right through the turn and into the side of me.

4) Let your engine warm up. Doesn’t need to idle for 15 minutes, but a minute or two is fine. Your oil is thick when it’s extremely cold, don’t just get in, start the engine, and go to WOT. Give it a minute or two to let the oil get through all the channels of your engine


5) Don’t run your defroster on the hottest setting unless you need to melt ice off your windshield. Put the temp at about 2/3 of the way towards hot and keep the fan speed in the middle. The trick is to have the temp high enough where the windshield does not fog, but low enough that it does not melt the snow hitting your windshield while driving. Otherwise all that snow turns to water on your windshiled and you have to run your wipers non stop, eventually that water will freeze over making another mess to deal with.

6) From “Chris_K_F” Clean the snow off the top of your car! Otherwise the stuff will freeze into a sheet, the wind will catch it, and it will fly off your car about 20-30ft in the air and come crashing down on the highway. I’ve seen it happen 3 times this year already, but luckily nobody has been hit by it yet. I always have the urge to follow the person to their exit ramp and yell at them.


7) From “You can tell a Finn but you can’t tell him much” Turn your lights on. If it is snowing, turn your lights on. If the wind is blowing, turn your lights on, the snow will blow into the air and reduce visibility. If the roads are wet from salt turn your lights on, otherwise the water will ice over your lights and they will be useless when you decide to turn them on. Turn your lights on. Your grey/white/black car that is covered in road salt and grime is invisible against a snow covered road and background.

TL;DR Turn your effing lights on!

Post more and I’ll add them to the list.