She replaced her 2013 Crosstrek (which I told her not to buy in the first place and turned out the be a colossal piece of shit) with an Accord Sport like the one below.

Illustration for article titled Quick Review: Moms 2015 Honda Accord Sport

It’s slow. A good bit slower than anything than I’m used to driving. But being slow isn’t really an issue because it’s not what this car is about. Yeah, it has a bunch of body roll and the CVT isn’t great but, it’s a great car for my mom and two siblings to get around in and it will keep going. I pushed it a little on the back roads and it was comfortable carrying momentum, the ride is quiet-ish and the seats are fine. Acceleration is an issue but, whatever. I didn’t love it but neither does my mom. It’s all about getting where she needs to go reliably and the Accord will definitely do that.

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