My old windshield mount died, so I picked up this one from Buccees on my way home a couple of weeks ago. At $30, it cost twice as much as my last ine, but after 500 miles of use I think it’s worth it.

The suction cup has an interest twist-lock mechanism that grabbed onto the windshield and shows no signs of letting go. Mounting is a matter of positioning it and rotating the lever. Easy.


The arm is adjustable with the turn of a screw and the swivel is notched so the arm holds the position without requiring the screw requiring too many ugga-duggas.

The real star of the show here is the ball mount. Because it’s a big steel ball and the cup has both the magnet and the gripper, the phone can be positioned at just about any angle where it will stay.


The original required the cup to be adhered to the back of the phone. I didn’t like that. This one has a thin metal plate that can be either adhered to the phone, or you can do as I did and slip it between the phone and the case. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone just fine.


This is one of those rare products that I’d rate 10/10

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