Quick Roth IRA question

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After chatting with some of you a few weeks ago, I decided to go with the Roth IRA as it seemed to be the best option for my goals.


After linking a checking account and beginning the process to fund the account, I was asked if I wanted my “contribution year” to be 2019, 2020, or 2021.

As somebody who is decades away from retirement, not making/spending enough to worry about deductions, and new to retirement accounts in general, am I correct in thinking that the year I choose is only important in that it will allow me to fund the IRA account quicker? Like, I can contribute now and mark it as a 2019 contribution up to the $6000 limit, and then once I reach that cap I can put in another $6000 for the current year?


Am I missing or overthinking something? 

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