It’s good. Like the first time you took an uber/Lyft and realized that someone had found that magic formula.

Yes, the A4 won’t win any races. Yes, it’s not that much nicer than a well appointed lower end car. Yes it’s a B8.5 and not a B9. Yes they took out the paddle shift and the +/- are the wrong way on the manual mode. But there’s something about rolling up to a nice hotel in an Audi that makes all the difference.

It was $39/day. I had a $75 of coupon code. I needed the car for 4 days in Denver/Boulder -where it had been known to snow. It didn’t, but the wish it had because quattro.

Customer experience? 11/10.

Greeted by a nice friendly face, no haggle, no upsell, no fees for using the toll tag, free extra driver, car unlocked by smartphone (and it works), pickup in a heated garage, drop off in the same heated garage, free shuttle to airport, and just a little extra smile from the guy when we returned it.