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Quick Thoughts on Gesture Controls in Cars

Gesture Control was the silliest thing I had ever seen until I realized it is the best thing ever and just being implemented horrifically. Infotainment gesture controls are terrible...when in the front seat. Place this in the center of the rear seat and I would call gesture control the next big trend.

Handsfree Tailgates and Trunks that involve a foot swipe or standing behind the car for who knows how long are all being implemented incorrectly. Waiting is inconvient and the dumbest way to activate a convience feature, so standing behind a car for five seconds while the trunk opens is unacceptable.

The footswipe would be fine if the sensors were at the sides of the bumper instead of the center. That would rid the world of attempting to dodge a tailgate coming at you while youre balancing on one leg and holding something cumbersome. I thought for sure someone would have sued an automaker for making them fall over by now, or at least some left hamstring injury.

Thankfully, I believe Jaguar, Volvo, and a lot of upcoming SUVs are moving the sensor to the side of the bumper. That means an actual button on the hatch or trunk will no longer be needed.


I don’t like gesture controls for drivers, at all! There’s no need, especially with autonomous cruising being active. Gesture control could be the next big step forward in interior designing but the technology makes the most sense when applied to passengers rather than drivers (until autonomous driving is completely in). We could be completely rid of buttons on passenger doors, trunk/hatch, fuel tank, and hood releases.


Even dropping rear seats or moving the front passenger seat forward when you load large items into the back of a hatch or trunk could be facilated by a gesture. It’s all about thinking past the driver’s seat and realizing that all the technology and trends going forward are about being a passenger.

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