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Quick Turn Signal Rant

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I know, this is useless to complain on a site where most of us are pretty competent drivers. So perhaps I’m just venting for sport. Or looking for a friendly voice.


I’m driving home last night in Northern VA in 2017 Wrangler Unlimited, not that that amplifies the story. A gentleman in a Maserati Ghibli merges into the lane next to me, speed limit is 45'ish. I have my front wheels about even with his back door. I didn’t speed up or slow down since the lane he’s in exists for about a quarter mile or so. I figured he would signal if he wanted to get over, or just unleash his 400'ish HP Italian V8 and pass me. Either of which I was fine with.

Instead he just drove along and then nailed it at the last second. It sounded amazing, I won’t lie. But he didn’t pull in front me of me, he could of, I slowed down just so I didn’t t-bone him. He just looked frustrated, arm waving out the window, and took the exit lane. Middle finger in the air!


At this point I’m confused. He clearly wanted, nay needed me to accurately assess his future travel plans and slow down to allow him to move over. And when I didn’t, he roared off in a direction he didn’t want to go, angry at the mean man in the Jeep.

I don’t get it. The older I get, the less I like other people.

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