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Quick update on my experience with the Crown Victoria

(I rented one from Turo for a few days.)

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1. It sounds great. I have never driven a V8 before and it is a joy, so smooth. But press the gas and its just some noise, not much more movement.


2. It really is a boat. It wobbles around when going fast and it lumbers when going slow. Its like they did the dynamic power steering, but put it in the wrong way. When you go slow its heavy, almost like there is no servo. When you go fast, it is super light and pillowy. I dunno maybe its just my lack of experience.

3. It really is a cop car. A kid in philly screamed COP CAAAR! when I was going by. People let you into intersections and from driveways much more than they usually do. And the most fun thing ever, like Mr. Regular noticed, EVERYONE is behind you on the highway. They really cant tell if Im a cop but they dont wanna risk it. So all the time you just see people inching forward next to you at 66mph and checking if you are the real deal. Then they just puff and shake their head and floor it. This is the most fun I have ever had driving anything.


4. The gas tank is huge, it takes like half an hour to fill it up.

5. It feels like a classic car, in the way how the metal and plastic dont really feel like one piece, for example with the doors, but you can tell that the plastic is hollow and that it has been just slightly bolted onto the metal. Kinda strange, but I like how it all feels.


6. I love it. More soon, if you want my impressions of it I dunno

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