For those following the saga. It’s remarkably difficult to shine light through the spark plug hole, but my new pistons have definitely been installed, so I don’t think there is any trickery going on there.

Given the fresh exhaust marks on the exhaust manifold the engine has definitely been run and I would believe that would indicate the dyno sheet is accurate, and that means the cam is installed and the thing runs.

I forgot that I had estimates from comp’s software that they have online to compare to what the thing actually dynoed at. It looks like in both cases they are gross HP... but the dyno sheet says corrected horsepower and torque... so maybe they are both net? I can’t imagine this thing making less than 280 now that “I dun fixed it”

For comparison:



So, torque comes on slightly later than predicted, but at a less peak number. Peak HP is much higher as well. I mean, I’d consider an additional 20 hp to mean a lot in this case. Obviously the scale is very different, but I believe the torque curve is a bit flatter overall as well.

But... overall I can see very reasonable discrepancies. I won’t knock it too much. I mean it does have an extra 3-4 CI now that it’s been bored out. feel free to draw your own conclusions, as I am not nearly educated enough on dyno figures to be able to make one.