QuickJack Follow-Up Pt.2

I just wanted to add one final follow-up to my QuickJack review.

If you don’t feel like reading the initial review, just know that while I think the QuickJack is a great product and provides tons of utility, I was rather critical of one particular part: the wheels on the frames.


Well apparently someone at Bendpack read my review and overnighted me a new set of wheels that were of a bit of a different design.

Well I finally got around to installing them today and I have to say that they are vastly improved over the previous wheels. Basically it looks like they took the same wheel, but milled it down to create a flat contact surface. This larger contact patch appears to handle my rough concrete floor with no issues. I dragged my frames all around my garage for a few minutes and they didn’t get stuck on anything. They even rolled over an extension cord with no problems.

A side-by-side comparison of the new (left) vs the old (right) mangled wheels.

I’m quite happy (and so is my back) that Bendpack sent me these wheels and I’m assuming they are now standard equipment on new QuickJacks. If you have a QuickJack with the older wheels, I suggest giving them a call and see if you can get a set of the new-designed wheels.

I have also edited my original review to reflect this pleasant change.

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