So, because i'm now thinking of getting a small, classic cars for me to work on at weekends, i'm now starting to look for one. And then, my neighbor ask me, "Aya, are you interested to own a 1985 Mazda Cosmo?"

Because i don't know what the fuck a mazda cosmo is, my neighbor is taking me to his friend's home and show me the car.

It's a Blue 1985 Mazda Cosmo, with Wankel-Rotary Engine producing 160hp out from 1.1L engine. That's put the power to displacement ratio to 145hp/liter. That's Insane!

Back in 1982, this car was the fastest car in Japan Until replaced by the R30 Skyline. But still, i prefer this one.


But, my favourite part of this car is the speedo. Just look at that!

And the Gizmos next to the speedo is also awesome. On The Right you have speed control, clock setting, and switch for adjusting brightness of the speedo and Pop-up headlights..


And On The Left you got Wipers and AC Settings. And yes, the controls are weird but cool.


The car also have a Frameless door and single wipers, which is really cool.

And The Seats looks like a very nice place to spend a lot time there.


And oh ya, the owner is said to me "if you give me 2.5 grand, the car is yours"
Should i get it?

Quickride is something written by me, after trying to get in some weird yet wacky cool cars that i never seen in my life. You can also make your own Quickride.