Oh yes, the FTO. Back in the day, when i was a little kid, i spend a lot of my childhood driving one of this in Gran Turismo. This was because i was a big fan of Jackie Chan, and i constantly saw him drive arround in a mitsu. Fast forward 15 years later, and now i got a chance to drive the real thing. It's like dream come true.

This car belongs to my friend who collect Japanese car. He has lots of JDM goodness, like Mine's Skyline, Toyota Caldina GT-Four, Mitsubishi Airtrek, and many others. But now let's stick to FTO. I remember when he told me that he just bought an FTO, i immediately ask him if i can see the car. I never saw an FTO before, and then i saw it...

And surprised. It looks better in real life. But a lot smaller. It's about as big as a Mercedes SLK, but the huge front makes it look bigger than it actually is. Then i ask him to open the engine, just to make sure this car has the legendary 2.0L V6 with 200hp.


And it has! Now all i need is get in and hoon it like a maniac. But i'm a bit dissapointed again this time because...

It's an Auto. A Semi-Auto FTO.Yes the 5-speed triptonic was good, better than the unit on my old W140, but i still kinda wish it's a manual tough. The owner said, he bought the FTO because the wife wants it. He originaly wants a Legnum VR-4, but unfortunately the wife wins this time, and she only drive auto, so damn.


Anyway, this car also quite equipped for a 1998 car, it got climate control, ABS, TCS, Limited-Slip differential, electric mirror and electric seat. Not bad for 1998 car.

But still, handling wise, it's performs just like gran turismo. The steering was good, grip was awesome, and it feels light and peppy. Plus that 2.0 is just loves to revs and revs until your ears bleed. And it's sounds good too. I think it's the best FWD car i ever drive. The only thing stopping this thing being the best car i ever drive was the triptonic.


Will it baby? Yes! There's some room in the back as well, so it's practical too..


But all in all, meeting this FTO with Auto is like meeting somebody that pretends your childhood hero. It looks and feels like him, but you know there's some magic that missing. And that transmisson, 5-speed manual, was the magic. I know this car will be an awesome daily driver, but with manual, it'll be even more awesome. Seriously, if this baby come with manual i'll try to buy this from him immidiately.

God i love 90's Mitsubishi.