Well, it's been quite a while since i write the last Quickride. But Let's kick back this series...with a bus.

I took this bus back when i still live in Surabaya a few months ago, simply because i want to take a bus. This particular bus is only one year old, but it's already racking a massive 513k kilometers. Damn. Small wonder why in Indonesia bus is genereally replaced after 3-5 years, due to massive mileage and bad roads we have here.

Because it's a Bus, everything inside it was also Big. Just look at the dashboard there. And oh, it's manual! Real drivers row their own gears, even bus driver.


The engine was a 6.3l Inline-6, producing 260hp. That might sounds low. But don't forget, this is a diesel, so it's also producing 660lb-ft of torque at 1200-1500rpm. Hell yeah. Keep in mind this is the low-end 1626. If you give some cash to the Mercedes guys you can even get the top of the line 2542 with 1,400lb-ft of torque. How about that?


The bus seats 36, and the seats are the standard one since i'm only traveling for about 250km or so, so no fancy seats like the one on long-distance trip. But still, they're pretty nice.

You might wonder