Welcome back to Quickride, where as always, features obscure cars in obscure way of review. This time, we have a Peugeot!


Yay indeed, because this car is rather odd. It's called the 408, but it's not a sucsessor for the 407. It is in fact, a 308 Saloon with some extra wheelbase aimed for China, Russia, Southeast Asia, and South America.

This car is an example from Southeast Asia, where it was built in Malaysia. It's not very pristine example though, there's a few scars in this car. I guess because it was driven like a Peugeot should be.


Anyway, back to the car itself. I quite like the looks of it, it looks unmistakably french. It's also quite pretty. And when you drive it on the road, everybody will look at you. Maybe they are wondering why you bought this car. Or maybe they just wondering what sort of car is this.


But seriously, just look at it. You saw it from a few hundred meters in front of you and you know that is a Peugeot.

The interior is a bit.. boring. And look cheap-ish. It doesn't feels cheap, but it does looks like an interior from your rental Dodge Neon.


But the worst thing of them all in this car is the gearbox. It's a 4-speed auto. Come on, what is this? 2001?

You do get a choice of 6-speed manual, but that's only avaliable in the 1.6l model. The 2.0l has to stuck with stupid 4-speed auto. Yes it will shift smoothly, it's quite a smooth albeit rather tall unit. But think about it. When was the last time you saw 4-speed auto?


Also, thanks to this and a modest 2.0l inline 4 with modest 145hp, it'll do 0-60 in 9.2 seconds. A Civic is tiny bit faster than this. Boy i wish it has a manual since the engine sounded quite good.

The cluster is also a bit outdated. Looks like an old Suzuki gauge from early 2012.


I think i'm a bit too harsh with this car. I mean, as a car, it'll do a pretty good job. It's smooth, it's spacious, the ride is very good (comparable with my Elgrand's ride), it looks pretty good, and it's quite cheap (Price as tested: 24,000 USD). But for a keen driver, this car is a bit outdated and boring.

It's your choice, really. I quite like it, 6/10 would buy. What do you think?