Well, because there's quite a few request to me to do a short Quickride on this car, i guess i should do it. Here it is, the new RCZ.


The RCZ i ride was the base model with 1.5l engine. It's quite big, nearly as big as the last gen Honda Civic. Despite in my mid this car feels fairly small.

Maybe because it was the interior. The problem with the RCZ, it has a massive steering wheel. And it's really heavy as well, comparable with some heavy steering on those new Toyota Hilux. I don't like it. The interior build quality is slightly better than a Corolla, but a bit worse than Nissan Altima for me at least. It looks quite cheap-ish too.


Holy cow this test drive demo has more kilometerage than my Lexus!


Too bad Peugeot didn't let me drive it, unless i can prove to them that i'm serious of buying it. Which i won't. For me, 47,000 USD that they ask me for the RCZ is waaaaaaaay too much for an FWD Peugeot Coupe with rather harsh ride. Still, it's a nice looking car.

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