(New house on MLS)

Thoughts-“it’s in the neighborhood. Ooh brick. Nice Garage. Perfect city inspection. It’s from the 50s so central heat and air. Asking is Exact midrange of our budget so we can offer $10k over and be freaking done. Wait a minute... Seems big for the price, it’s underpriced by $5 or so... might have to offer $15 over to seal the deal. That’s okay, that’s okay; we can finish this within four budget.”

(Get comps from realtor and it’s more like $10-15k under market)

“Bahhhhhhh, no you a-holes. Now I’m going to have to offer $20k over asking just to be in the consideration. That’s so tight on the budget. Plus you are going to feel artificially confident because anyone within spitting distance of your asking is going to come look and probably not realize how underpriced it is.”