Audi. BMW. GM. Ford. Hyundai. Kia. VW. All brands that brought us and in some cases still try to keep bringing glorious, historical, characterful engines. The Audi I5. The BMW I6. The VW VR6. All being scrapped or pushed to the side for the ubiquitous black box. The emissions and fuel economy champion. The engine so characterless and anonymous, in enthusiast guise manufacturers have to add sound generators to remind you that the car is powered by an engine and not a motor.

Not to mention, the powerband. Augh, the powerband.

Lets look at the 328i. Heres a dyno of the old E90 328i:

See how you get damn near 90% of peak torque from 2K to nearly redline? And what the dyno doesn't show is, you never have to wait for a turbo to spool up, you never get slammed with any kind of weird heat soak issues, and you can actually hear the intake and exhaust notes. Now lets compare this to the F30 328i dyno (with an ATS 2.0T superimposed):

See how from 4K to redline you lose damn near 100lb ft of torque, or nearly 40%??? The engines rev to 7 but there's really nothing to be gained shifting them at 5. Fun!!!! And again this dyno doesn't show you the non-existent engine note of the 328i and the somewhat thrashy note of the ATS.


On paper the 2.0T is phenomenal. Not enough power? Chip it! So much better gas mileage than old NA motors. The emissions!!! For something like a Camry, which, oddly enough, DOESN'T do the turbo thing, these points would have merit. But in a sports sedan that is supposed to engage you? I just don't see it.

I understand the importance of the environment and all that, and I think the ICE's days are numbered. But if a damn Camry can make do with naturally aspirated 3.5L V6, with fuel economy and emissions barely lower than that of many of these 2.0T cars (which often have more than the 6 speeds of the Camry), why o why o why put these finicky, peaky, soulless black boxes in cars people buy to actually connect with and enjoy????