When driving the LS back to El Paso from Austin, at one point, I got pinned in the right lane behind a semi while the left lane freight-trained us for a mile or two. (If any you watched NASCAR a decade ago, before they resurfaced Bristol Motor Speedway, and sometimes a poor sap would end up in the lower line instead of the upper line? THAT.) I got closer than I should have, really...the semi probably didn’t even know I was there. He drifted slightly into the shoulder, and threw a few big chunks of gravel my way. Naturally, I braked, said a few words that a church elder and Sunday school teacher should not be saying...thank God for forgiveness...and was astounded that the two spots where I took big impacts on the windshield were not cracked.


A week and a half ago, with the ludicrous freeze bearing down on southern NM/west TX, I naturally drove to work with the HVAC blowing hot air towards my frosted windshield to thaw it out. I actually heard the glass audibly crack from the temp change, exactly where the two impact points were. *sigh* Within three days, two cracks became one GINORMOUS rainbow shaped crack from the passenger A-pillar to the bottom of the dash in front of the steering wheel.

Called my insurance, was reminded of my $500 deductible, and was referred to Safelite.

I know many of you here don’t have positive things to say about Safelite. But they really did bless me today. The cost to replace the glass would be $420, which I assumed was what the overrun on the deductible was...what my insurance company would pay. No, that was the total cost, which us UNDER the deductible, meaning that I had to pay everything. Ugh. When it was finished up, the woman handling the paperwork said, “It really sucks having an older car, because the costs are often below deductible...if you’d had a newer car, your insurance would have been able to pick up the tab. But since you’re under your deductible, I’m going to bill this differently for you so that you qualify for some discounts.”

Final bill: $220, for a brand new windshield, parts and labor.

God is good, yo.