Quitting Tobacco Finally

I smoked cigarrettes here and there since junior year of high school. It was stupid, considering I was a track & field and cross country athlete, but I felt cool and all that. My freshman year roommate was a baseball player, and he introduced me to the glory of chewing tobacco. He's now with the KC Royals, so I don't talk to him, but I'd punch him in the arm for getting me started if I could. I've been hooked on that stuff since then, for about 6 years now. I love that stuff. From the loose-leaf Redman to fine-cut Stokers, you name it and I've chewed it. It's time to stop though, because I've got no gums left. That, and I'm leaving for basic training soon so I'd rather stop on my own terms than at boot camp. Any suggestions/thoughts?


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