Quiz time - who's the biggest asshole?

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A) The guy who agrees to sell you an item on CL, communicates with you for 6+ hours, knows when you get off work, arranges a meeting point and time and then sells the item right out from under you less than an hour before you’re supposed to meet


B) The guy in the crappy Opel, er, Vauxhall, um, Saab 9-3 driving with the rear fog light (searing the retinas of every poor soul stuck behind him) and the one working front fog light because his headlights are too yellowed to be useable

C) Mr. Cool, driving with his running lights and fogs on, but no headlights

D) Dork on the ratty sounding 2-stroke scooter with a blown muffler, driving endlessly around the neighborhood for five frigging hours, all the way until 1:30 AM


E) The guy who finally calls the cops (non-emergency line) on the jackass in option D so that he and his neighbors can finally get some damn sleep

F) The guy at the computer store responsible for the online inventory system that says that they have 10+ units of an item in stock, yet not one employee can find a single unit anywhere in the store.


G) The guy that decides that he needs to make a left turn when he’s in a right-turn only lane, blocking traffic in the through lanes (and others in the right turn lane) until the light cycles so he can cut in front of others in the arrow-protected left turn lane and make his fucking left turn instead of just living with the consequences of his simple mistake and going around the block thus wasting only five minutes of his own time instead of everyone else’s...

H) The guy in the new Range Rover (it’s always a Range Rover...) that makes a seriously ill-timed left turn out of a gas station when normal through traffic is passing by, accelerates in the median towards oncoming traffic waiting in the same median instead of just waiting his fucking turn; he then flips you off at the next light because you didn’t slow down or move out of the way to let him in where there wasn’t room (and where he most certainly didn’t have the RoW unless RoW is now determined by your own insecure feelings of self-importance and how much money you wasted on your unreliable PoS SUV)


There can be more than one right answer. Heck, it may even be a seven- or eight-way tie...

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