Quoted from India's MoD:

An Su-30 fighter of the Indian Air Force (IAF) was involved in an accident on October 14, 2014 in which both ejection seats had fired whilst the aircraft was coming in to land. (Surprise!) The pilots were safe but the aircraft crashed about 20 Kms short of the runway. No loss of life or damage to property was reported.


A Court of Inquiry (CoI) had immediately been constituted to investigate the cause of accident. Meanwhile, as is the procedure in such cases, the flying of the Su-30 fleet has been temporarily suspended. The CoI is in progress and certain specific checks are being conducted on the aircraft. As and when the checks are complete and the Court is satisfied, the Su-30s will be put back into flying.

Well this is bound to create some trust issues between pilots and their jets..

Illustration for article titled Pranked by a Sukhoi... Doh!!

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