The cause.... the thing I least suspected and never had an issue with :’(

Saturday 8:59PM

Police/Tow truck arrive

Car gets towed to my dealer (work)


Time is my main enemy here besides funds. I honestly just don’t have the time to put in 5 or more hours into fixing the wagon. I could maybe take her home and nibble at her little by little until she runs again but I can’t use my mom’s vehicle forever.


I get paid on Friday but the couple hundred bucks left over after paying all my bills are set for groceries and stuff my wife needs. Getting help from the bank or maybe one of those “buy here/pay here” lots could actually hurt me since my wife and I are barely getting by on what we make. Yay life :] A car note would be a hell of a stretch. My wife is trooper though and she agreed on as many cut backs as I have to make financing a car possible. Having her in my life truly makes me feel like the wealthiest person on Earth.

I will try to OPPO as much as I can and will report on all updates in this new automotive saga that is keeping me up at night. Fingers crossed for that <10% chance it’s something small. Either way, a sub $800 car is what I need in the mean time unless some sort of financing could be had.

For those who clown on eco cars “beige cars”, try to be more respectful. Some people wish they could be that fortunate to own any car. I know I’ve felt like that even when I had a good car. Having something new or CPO is still a dream of mine no matter what car it is.


All in all, i’ve been in situations like this before. Some waaay worse. I like to think i’m the inventor of the poorest possible meal ever, “Bologna and Ketchup Tacos” Oh yes.... a miserable weekend with that as my only food was hell. But it’s times like this when one learns the most. If anything, I can’t wait to show you all what my next vehicle is :] Max dopeness and radness will come soon! Even if it’s a jalopy, it will be my chingon carcacha!

Only request, no small violins for me. Mean Bass guitars on the other hand.....