I love this truck. It's quick enough to hang with most modern "muscle" cars, gets decent em peh guhs, hauls junk when needed, and looks good doing it...

But right now it's at the dealer getting its fourth ring and pinion. At 3k miles the diff was leaking, I took it in and they changed the pinion seal. At 4k miles the seal leaked again, this time quickly and resulting in catastrophic failure. At that point they replaced the entire carrier. This lasted me until last year, when the R/T started whining in Vegas. 2k miles into a 7k mile trip, which after LV still included jaunts through the California desert, up the PCH to San Fran, into a blizzard in Idaho, into Yellowstone, through the Badlands, etc. When we got back to Detroit and took it to the dealer, the u-joints were on the verge of failure and the ring and pinion was shot. Glad it held up. So in went number 3.

This time I'm getting ready for another trip out West. I've got free oil changes until next May(and I'm still in a cast), so I took it in this week for oil and a tire rotation. I asked them to take it for a drive, because I'm hearing gear noise. Of course they heard nothing, so they call me to tell me it's done. But while I'm on my way they are gonna take care of a quick recall in the rear diff, just swapping out a pinion nut.

By the time I got there they already had a rental car lined up. When they went in to change that nut it was almost completely backed off...the ring and pinion was showing wear and it all needed swapped out. At least Roseville Chrysler is taking care of it and me(I don't have rental insurance, but they gave me a car until the truck is fixed). Parkway's solution at 4k miles was to tell me "Tech said he saw evidence of rubber in wheel well. You need to stop doing burnouts." Screw you, Parkway. Bunch of hacks. Not enough space here to tell stories about that shit hole.

I've thought about looking into the Lemon Law....but I love this truck. And I've got a lifetime power train warranty so Hey! Free Rear End!


Shaquille O'Neal use to talk about his bad free throw shooting; he said he was so good otherwise he needed that major flaw to "keep him humble." So I guess the rear end is my truck's .527 career free throw percentage. I mean...it's got 60,00 and I haven't even had to touch the brakes yet, pads or rotors. So that's cool