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I put a couple of these zombie headrest covers in my car recently (design is also on the rear of them) and people have been freaking out WAY more than I would have expected. First, I go out to my car and an old lady complains her grandson is terrified of them and ran away (her husband did admit the kid needs to man up!). I catch the hardcore evangelist guy at work staring at them in disbelief. Then I'm in a car park putting shopping in the car and a woman tells me she almost had a heart attack when she spotted them. The other day I get home to find a woman taking my parking space who claimed her son is scared of my car in general (I have the odd Zombie Response sticker on it too) and she was parking there so he wouldn't see my car instead when he came out the house! then last night my a friend of my GF tells me she pulled in our car park to turn around, saw them in the dark and shit herself! (admittedly in the dark it looks like they're staring over the front seats)


I mean...yeah they cause a double-take sometimes but seriously? I'm not trying to make anyone lose their shit but at least they're not clown faces, right?

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