Race All The Supercars!!!!!

I used to think that the era of supercars with monster engines was over due to the world economy. BOY WAS I WRONG.  

The P1, F150, Porsche 918, future Audi R20, Lambo's future supercar, Pagani, the new NSX and this M-Zero from BMW are just some examples of the Beasts coming up in the next few years.  Some of these are still just ideas but I'm glad these companies are even thinking about building these.


Maybe the loss of the LMP1 class for Grand-am/ALMS won't be so bad after all.  It may force the racing series to have a class just for these supercars. I, for one, would love to see production based supercars in a class by themselves.  These production based cars would be more exciting to me. Sorry Audi R18. I love you but I can never own you. Bring back the days of the McLaren F1!

The proposed stats of the M Zero above are:  V10 Twin Turbo. 625 bhp. Topspeed of 250 mph (2008)

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