A couple of weeks ago I found myself making the hilariously stupid & impulsive decision to buy a microcar from a guy who owns a wheelie-popping van.

The microcar in question was a Corbin Sparrow. The Corbin Sparrow is a three wheeled, single occupant, electric microcar that kind of looks like a clown shoe (no, not the attractive and awesome BMW Z3 Coupe, but an *actual* clown shoe). It's powered by 13 Optima Yellowtop automotive batteries, crammed unobtrusively inside the car, utilizing the same mind boggling "bigger on the inside than out" technology used by Doctor Who's TARDIS. These batteries yield anywhere between 10-40 miles of range, depending on how unrealistic you want to claim the range is with this car. Regardless of how silly and limiting the Sparrow is to others, I have to admit that I'd always wanted one and was actually interested in buying one new back before the company that made them went bankrupt in 2003.

So, here's the car in question. A car that you can't help but make you smile or laugh in its presence. I know this to be true, because laughter was the dominant noise I heard over the nearly nonexistent motor noises the car made as I drove it around my city.

When some friends came over to look at the Sparrow, the question came up about the wheels. The front wheels used motorcycle tires, but looked like they might share a bolt pattern with some of my other cars. Lo and behold, the bolt pattern was 4x100, a common bolt pattern. I also just happened to have a pair of 15in by 10in wide track wheels with Toyo R888's from my Miata laying about (what a co-inkydink)! Inspiration struck, so we decided to make a track variant of the little Sparrow:


Stupid can be fun!

One coincidence deserves another, which we learned when we parked the "Track Sparrow" next to the Porsche 993. Colors seemed to match, and the curves, too...


....Inspiration struck again:

And we came up with a RAUH-Welt Sparrow. Porsche lovers, rejoice! LEAF lovers, Rejoice!