(see prior day here) Late posting, and I know you were all impatiently waiting for more pictures of things with paint on them. But first, brake lines!

These two lines needed to go in before the engine did as reaching this area is a bear with the oil pan in the way. But they got bent and installed. Then I tried to remove one to flare the other end and this happened.

Brand new brass fitting, completely stripped. So that now gets to be cut off and the line re-flared with an new fitting. Also new flare wrenches have been acquired to replace the off-brand 15 year old one that did this.


Then I finished stripping the oil pan..

Finished painting the side covers...


Made three A arms black...

And one silver.


I had this bit of the oil pan that got bent prying it off the engine, and all the bolt holes were slightly crowned from over-tightening. So I carefully hammered all the holes flat, and did some bending and hammering of this to get it as flat as possible.

Will it leak? I’ll find out once it is on the motor, the motor is in the truck and it is filled with oil.


And now, time to go out and put more paint on stuff, and grind/sand the springs clean of rust enough to paint.