(see prior day here) It was finally a dry sunny day, and man did I take advantage of it to the fullest. I’ve got grit in every crevice, paint coating my hands, & some in my hair.

My cheap Harbor Freight media blaster stopped working when I was almost done this A-arm. It will push air, but won’t siphon any media up. I suspect the tip is worn/cracked/something, but replacement tips are impossible to get.

I can’t say it died easy, as this is the quantity of media I’m pushing through it (this was about 1/2 of today’s mess). Since I have one left I’ll probably just do it with wire brushes & a cup brush on the angle grinder and call it good enough.


Then it was time to get paint on everything. My brand new can of paint was stuck closed, so after destroying the rim trying to open it, I punched two holes with a screwdriver and a hammer and poured the paint out that way.

That paint went on the frame, which looks great now. I’m sure I’ll need to do some touching up, but the primary paint work is done here, so I can start bolting stuff onto it.


Then the A-arms got their first coat of paint on them...


And the side covers got a coat of self-etching primer.

This is how I sealed that can of paint, tomorrow I open it up again and slather yet more paint on old truck parts.