(see prior day here) The weather continues to try and bring this close to the wire. And today it and the sandblaster ganged up to me.

I decided that rather than waste time sifting the used media for the blaster, I’d buy another bag of media. However either I don’t understand the grit size markings on the bags, or there is a lot of variation in a given grit, because the new bag was chunky enough that it kept jamming the blaster.

I ended up having to dump out the whole blaster and sift out the large particles before it would work at all. This slowed me down a ton. It took about an hour before i could finally get blasting.


I was able to get the second upper Arm done, and was making headway on a lower arm when it (once again) started drizzling.

Since getting the media wet would jam the hell out of the blaster, there was a lot of frantic moving stuff back into the garage.


It never started raining properly, but kept vaguely spitting. So instead I attacked the side panels with cup brush on an angle grinder.


I also started in on the oil pan, but the angle grinder was making a noise like throwing a running mixer in a steel drum. I decide that wasn’t what my neighbors needed to hear at 9pm, so I packed it in for the night.

Hopefully the weather will dry up and I can start making real progress on this list again.