(see prior day here) I didn’t get anything done on Friday or Saturday as it was mostly damp, which precluded sandblasting or painting. It did clear up on Saturday in the morning & early afternoon, but my partner & I spent that time having a steampunk picnic in the park.

We left the park about a half hour ahead of the rain, which continued into sunday. So the truck stayed wrapped up.

Today there was a brief dry period, so I got done what I could. First I bought the largest socket set ever...

That is a 1/2" drive Craftsman ratchet (my prior “big” ratchet) laying across is for scale.


Then I unbolted the shafts from the A-Arms, which involved standing on them and using a 5' pipe on the ratchet to give me enough leverage to get 63 year old parts loose.

Then the A-arms were once again degreased.


I them setup the blaster and was able to sand blast one of the A-arm before the rain rolled back in.

If anyone is Rhode Island local, and free this weekend. I could use your help getting the truck together. I’m hoping to have the engine ready to go in by then.