As in my first post, I’m chronicling my attempt to get my pickup from a bare front frame to a running & driving truck in time to take it to the Oppo Rally a state away on the 27th.

My biggest priority is to finish sandblasting the frame, and paint it so I can start bolting things back on. Both the sandblasting & the paint require it to be both dry and not humid to work properly. This is the weather forecast for the week:

So that could get very interesting.

All I got done on the 8th is to remove an oil pressure gauge fitting from the engine, as the truck doesn’t have said gauge. I also ordered several gaskets, so my hope is to pick those (and a whole shopping list of other items) after work, and try and get the engine pulled apart and the various pieces painted tonight so it can go back together tomorrow. I’m also hoping to bent & flare the brake lines, so they will be ready to go in when the frame is painted.