(HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED IF THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN)(prior day here) Much of this morning has been fiddly jobs while waiting for the needed parts to arrive.

I pulled out all the bags of bolts and gave them all a cursory degreasing before putting them in labeled cups for the re-assembly.

In the process I discovered half a transmission mount had gone missing. After a lot of fruitless searching a new one was ordered for tomorrow morning(I’ll need to fabricate the missing steel sleeve inside as well).


The two wheels I ground the paint off yesterday got a coat of primer and two coats of white Rustoleum today. I only need two done, but I am hoping to get the other two ground down this evening. The bellhousing plates got a degreasing and quick coat of primer.


About this time I got a call that the master cylinder was in, so I picked that up at NAPA and ordered the mount. As soon as I finish lunch I’ll be back out there bolting up the MC so I can bleed it and hook it up to the brakes.