Since my midday update, my desperately needed parts finally arrived.

The new MC went in after a bench bleed (which my mom stopped off and helped with), still need to bleed the system, but she couldn’t stay long enough to do that.

I checked and my clutch & pressure plate fits the new flywheel, and the flywheel fits the truck, so it was install time.


Flywheel was easy, and I both blue threadlocked the bolts and actually torqued them properly, Then the clutch disc went on. The pressure plate went on easily, as did the bellhousing.

The transmission however, was a right pain in the... everything. Dead lift a greasy transmission, try to get it aligned perfectly to the clutch splines, fail, lower it, re-align the clutch disc & throwout bearing, repeat for far longer than it should take. I ended up a greasy mess and got a better arm workout than I used to get at the gym. But eventually it all went together. So the engine assembly is ready to go in.


Aside from the transmission mount that went awol.

That is order and will arrive tomorrow morning, just in time to order the temp sensor that is also awol (and the one off the old engine is know to be broken).

My partner is calling out to work on Thursday to help me get this together, but I still could use some help if you’re available.