(HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED IF THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN)(prior day here) I’m still waiting on the MC & flywheel to arrive, so I was only able to work on smaller stuff.

After a ridiculous about of searching I was able to figure out that the proportioning valve setup I bought was for a power-brake MC, which has the resivours revered to the one I have. None of the docs say this, they just assume that you know it is only for power brake MCs. I figured out that if I reverse it so it points the opposite way it will line up with my MC.

The big problem with this is the bracket/valve design is not reversible. Out came the angle grinder and welder and the bracket was cut up and re-made.

Re-doing 3 fittings, and adding 2 adapters got me this. Then I was able to tack weld a piece of scrap steel on to make the bracket.


Once I pulled it off the truck, some additional grinding & welding got me this bracket. Some paint was sprayed on and it’ll go on with the new MC.


I also got two of the “new” wheels ground down, but couldn’t find my primer to start painting them. I need to do this as the original wheels won’t fit over the disc brakes. These are post-’72 Blazer wheels as they are the only 6-lug, 15" wheels that will both clear the disc brakes and fit the stock hubcaps.

It is getting really down to the wire, and I really need the parts to show up in time, and some help with the big jobs to get this to happen.