(see prior day) Today was an epicly productive day, right up until it all went wrong.

I worked on mounting the master cylinder & proportioning valve, and bending the last of the brake lines. While I was at that, my partner assembled the brakes at the wheel.

Even though she’d never done it before, I was confident in her, because her attention to detail is pretty high.


After that, we got the steering together, and did a super quick alignment good enough to get me the couple miles to the tire shop.

Once I got all the lines bent up (which took multiple tries to get some to line up right without kinking), I tried bleeding the master cylinder. Turns out the brand new (not even reman) master cylinder is defective and the front circuit won’t develop pressure. So now I need to buy a new new master cylinder.


Since the brake job stalled, we decided to get the flywheel & clutch on the engine. However the flywheel & 10" clutch I bought doesn’t fit this motor as it needs the larger flywheel & 11" clutch.


For extra strangeness, the 10" clutch seems to big for the flywheel supposedly for it. The clutch itself it barely small enough to fit between the bolt holes, and the pressure plate is way to wide. So I don’t know now whether I can used this clutch on the other flywheel, or if I need to also buy another clutch kit.

So a ton is crossed off the list, and the suspension & steering systems are completely done. However now both the brakes & transmission are completely stalled until I get the right parts.