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Race to the Oppo Rally, What?...

It’s missing from the spot it has been occupying for the last 6+ months.


Because it went here.

Took two tries to get there though, as the clutch linkage fell off three blocks away the first time.

Turns out that a nut (that was about the only one in the whole shebang I didn’t remove and inspect) was stripped. It must have been hanging on by a thread, and the last tightening was enough to finish it off.


Ridiculously I found six of the right size nuts amount my random hardware, but not one was the right fine-thread I needed.


One hardware trip and it was fixed.


After the test drive I have a new short list. The brakes are still *terrible*, the shifter is mis-adjusted and will not go into second for love or money (I drove to/from the alignment shop in 1st & 3rd). But I drove it, and once aligned it was not horrible (for a ‘64 pickup).

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