Dunno if this’ll do anything but it makes me look like I’m a dedicated #racecar driver.

My rear sway bar bushings are in need of replacement.

And I discovered something very concerning. Rust on my frame rail. If you have an NB you know that by the time there is visible bulging on the frame rail it means terminal rot has set in and there’s no repairing it. Due to the 2-ply nature of the NB front frame rail construction they’re very prone to moisture sitting between the two layers of steel in the box section and they start rotting from the inside out, which is why once you can see it it means it’s too late.


Guess I’ll just keep driving it until the next hailstorm hits and hope it gets totaled. God damn it. Car is 100% rust free other than that, there isn’t even surface rust on the control arms or anything. Fuck.