Last Sunday the skies cleared up in Woodburn Oregon to open the racing season for a new class of cars. The new class dubbed “Modern Muscle” is a class specifically for 2004 and newer “muscle cars” (Camaro, Challenger, Mustang, etc) that are relatively stock. It’s bracket style class to help even the playing field.

For the first event for a new class there was a good sized turnout of about 20-24 cars. Mostly mopars, a couple of mustangs, a SS sedan, and my Camaro.

We were given 3 qualifying passes to get a rough dial in time, but I found out my street tires and all stock IRS were going to be a problem all day. The Camaro could never get a solid launch all day, suffering massive amounts of wheel hop every pass, thus making a confidant dial in was next to impossible.


Going to eliminations I was not that optimistic on my chances of making it through round one. Well luck was on my side as my first opponent red lighted, then in round two my opponent had a terrible launch and was way off their dial in. My luck held out all the way to the semi finals.


There I would face my buddy and his Scat Pack 392 Challenger. He had been running super consistent e/t’s and been having good solid launches. I once again had a terrible laugh full of wheel hop and he blew my doors off. He would go on to win the class.

In the end it was a fun filled day with friends. I was surprised when getting to the semi finals payed out a little cash. My big takeaway is I need to buy some cheap rear wheels and some drag radials, which will be ordered this week so I can get them here before the next race in May.