Evening Oppo. So last night I made a post asking about cheap coilovers for DD duty(shocks/struts are blown, don’t want to invest a lot in this car as it will be replaced in the next 24 months). However, I listed JOM as an example and a lot of the comments were specifically about that particular brand that no one had any experience with. So, after reading forums and reviews for about 6 hours, I have come to the conclusion that the Raceland Ultimos (http://raceland.com/volkswagen-coi…) would be the best bet for ‘cheap’ coilovers for my particular car (Mk4 Jetta 1.8t). What stands out the most for me is the newest version is all powder coated for rust prevention, and a stronger/wider internal piston for reliability when people go really low, and stiffer spring rates to match the shocks. Edit: Lifetime warranty also, according to the website.

For me, I don’t particularly want to go low. I would most likely keep any set at the maximum height all the time. So, does anyone have any experience with Racelands, or can comment on long term reliability for DD duty? (They are not going to be pushed) Any other suggestions on suspension are welcome (2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg). Thanks!