Total time was 2hr40min, drove 2 hours of that. Last 15 minutes started developing a horrible grinding sound when hitting ruts and bumps, which eventually just sounded completely awful right around when i was due to pit anyway.

I had this figured for the exhaust dragging after the car since the mount was already... fixed hastily, but no, it was the entire rear beam that had tore it’s mounting out of the body. Ford’s and rust, amirite?

Other then that, had an awesome time. Chased the leading Peugeot 406, the safety/pace car was a Hyundai Coupé, and somebody had fielded a Peugeot 306 wagon. No more pics because with the 30-35min stints that time out of the car flies suprisingly fast just getting stuff ready for the next pit stop.


(oh yeah it’s gonna be a bitch to wash)