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RacinBob 1982

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I found this picture cleaning the basement because of my new found time.

Long story short. It’s 1982 and I own a ‘75 Alfetta Berlina 4 door which isn’t the best winter car for Wisconsin. My Grandfather has my uncle’s ‘72 V8 Maverick in his garage because my uncle (who is 4 years older than me) has more of an interst in VW buses and beatles so I acqiure it for a pittance. Fast forward and I am doing my first Icekhana and realize said Maverick has the directional stability on ice of a claw hammer because with its big 302 V8 and 2200 pounds its center of gravity is about a 2 feet behind the hood orniment. I think I spun every turn, but boy it was fun!  


I remember this like yesterday!


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