REDMOND, WA – Today Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox One and with it came a bevy of new features and game announcements.

Racing Motorsports announced a few new features for the 6th installment of their hit racing game.

“We are very proud of this game. The detail that went into the vehicles, the background and the story are inconceivable. Our art division worked closely with our engineers to produce a game changing feature that will allow users to experience racing like never before!”

John Thompson, Director of Development at Racing Motorsports.

The feature John was talking about is called PRM, or Passive Racing Mode.

This option uses a drivers past performance in a given car and series to temporarily race the vehicle for them. This autopilot frees the driver to do other things like admire the in-game graphics or update his Facebook profile from the options menu.

“Many racers were upset they couldn’t pause the online game to grab food or respond to text messages. We have given them that freedom. They can enter into PRM during a race, heat up a burrito, update Twitter and then jump right back into the series. It’s a win for everyone really.”

Tom Sullivan, Chief Engineer

Racing Motorsports didn’t say how the game would use Xbox One’s new voice activation features. The team did show demonstrate a new feature called Call Link.

This option allows users to link their personal phone to their in-game vehicle. When they receive a phone call or text message the game automatically puts their car into PRM mode so they can take the call or respond to the message. It's Bluetooth for the racetrack.

These are just a few examples of how game developers are finding innovate ways to address the daily demands of the always-connected life with the annoyance of actually playing the game.

We look forward to future products that put the gamer ahead of the game.


This is satirical irony. Funny, yet sad at the same time.