OPPO, I got a question for y’all. There’s a guy up the street from me who is building a RB swapped 240 daily driver/track/drift car. It has no cage, but a racing seat and harness. The harness mounts to the car at an angle that’s closer to vertical than horizontal. I thought this was a huge no-no. Am I wrong? He’s active in the local drift scene and knows to take it off public roads to have fun, but I have no idea what sort of tech inspection is at the events he goes to. If it was autocross season id feel better know it passed our local chapter’s tech.

Second question: if not wrong, I feel I need to say something. Do you guys agree? How? I see him occasionally if he’s working on a car when I’m walking my dog, but that’s it. I’d hate to wait till I see him again and it be too late. Note on the car, or just knock on his door and say “ you’re shits wrong, man”.


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