What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

That's right. VIR. The same track the ALMS (I'm still getting used to not calling it that anymore) runs later this year. Er well, half the track they run at least. We ran the north course, they run the full course with the oak tree (RIP) and uphill esses.

Still, the whole facility and course was amazing. The roller coaster and hog pen were without a doubt my favorites. Taking the hog pen flat out in a kart is something that will clench your butt cheeks. We weren't one of the faster ones out there, our kart simply has too much drag compared to the sprint enduro karts we ran against. But we are out there for seat time, not to win trophies (not yet at least). Unfortunately a little over half through the race the engine experienced massive overheating, with the cylinder head topping 560F degrees. The optimum temperature is 375F, so yeah...Watch the video or jump to about the 15:20 mark if you are one of those weird morbid guys who watches racing only for the accidents. I won't judge.

After this we decided to go back out against my best judgement. But the damage was done, and half way around the track, I retired. Fortunately I retired next to someone in my class too, and promptly made good friends with him. The race ended, and in good humor, I turned on my GoPro again for a ride with the recovery truck.

That's all. An amazing weekend. Next race is Summit Point September 6th-8th. We'll be bringing out our laydown sprint enduro kart, to be more competitive and more importantly, get that speed rush.


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